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Low voltage Landscape Lighting

Many homes have exterior incandescent accent lighting, which provides security and attractive illumination. However, traditional lighting has two major flaws: the high energy cost of incandescent bulbs, and the limited creativity possible in the display of these bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs use 120 volts to turn on. Low-voltage lights use 12 volts. Therefore, you can illuminate 10 low-voltage lights for the same amount of electricity as one incandescent bulb uses.

When it comes to creative lighting design, there are over 20 different styles, types and focuses for low-voltage lights, versus only two types of display with a traditional bulb: spotlights and floodlights.

Choosing the right product is very important. Low-voltage kits from the big box stores do not last and have very little versatility. FX Luminaire and Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting offer high-quality lights with elegance and function.

Low-voltage lights add beauty and distinction to your landscape, by day and night, while also increasing safety and nighttime visibility.

Borchert Landscaping is certified to design and install low-voltage lighting systems by Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting.

Lighting Example
Lighting Example
Lighting Example
Lighting Example